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Malacothamnus fasciculatus

Chumash: xman (BOI) Español: Malva

Plant Description

Category: Shrub

Origin: Chaparral and Coastal Sage Scrub, often on dry slopes and/or disturbed soil

Evergreen: Drought-deciduous

Flower Color: Pink

Bloomtime: Summer

Height: 4ft

Width: 4ft

Esposure: Full to Part sun

Drought Tolerant: Yes

Irrigation: Moderate

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The plant is native to California and northern Baja California, where it is a common member of the chaparral and coastal sage scrub plant communities. Other members of the Mallow family include hibiscus, okra, hollyhock, cotton, and a plant named Althaea officinalis, whose roots used to be used to make marshmallows, now they are made from other substances. The chaparral Mallow becomes established in dense groups after fire. It is not exclusively tied to fire, but is known for colonizing after any kind of disturbance. It is relatively short-lived, living for 1 to 2 years only. Although not highly sought after, the leaves and seedpods are edible. 

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