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Datura wrightii

Chumash: mom̓oy Español: Toloache

Plant Description

Category: Perennial Herb

Origin: Central California to northern Mexico; east across the Southwest to Texas.

Evergreen: No

Flower Color: Large white to pink trumpet flower

Bloomtime: May - November

Height: 1-5ft

Width: Up to 6ft spreading

Exposure: Sun - part shade

Drought Tolerant: Yes

Irrigation: Medium to Low

Alternate Names: Datura, Sacred Datura, Thorn-Apple

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Jimsonweed is a branching plant that blooms large, white, fragrant, trumpet-like flowers from evening through morning. The flowers protrude from the coarse foliage of this stout, rank-smelling plant. The wilted flowers are somewhat unsightly in the afternoon, but extremely showy in the evening and morning. All parts of the plant are highly toxic .

A larval host plant for Carolina Sphinx Moth, Manduca sexta, which is the primary pollinator for the species. Few other species can access its nectar. The plant has been important in religious ceremonies of many California tribes, including the Chumash. This plant is highly poisonous to both people and animals, do not attempt to ingest it. 

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