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6th Grade - 'The Story of Our River'

OUW’s program for 6th grade students is “The Story of Our River”, which focuses on the critically endangered indicator species, Southern Steelhead Trout, and the effects of the Matilija dam on beach erosion and spawning access.

Students become familiar with the Steelhead’s unique migration patterns, are introduced to the Matilija dam removal project, and learn about sediment transportation from mountains to beaches. This reinforces the connection that healthy rivers create healthy beaches.

matilija dam.jpg

The 6th grade direct action engages students in hands-on restoration work by having them plant native plants along the riverbank at the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy’s (OVLC) Steelhead Preserve. These plantings are done under the supervision of conservation biologists from OVLC and the California Conservation Corps.

6th grade native planting.jpg
2013-02 Robin and more 049.jpg

Check Out our 6th Grade program ONLINE             

You can now enjoy our programs from anywhere! We've taken this in-class presentation and field trip and created virtual content for greater access (see video at the top of this page). Feel encouraged to use this program as part of your curriculum!
Also, check out this introduction to the Ojai Oak Community, video below. 
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