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Monardella villosa

Chumash: qayas Español: Sauco

Plant Description

Category: shrub

Origin: Coastal scrub communities, rocky slopes in California

Evergreen: yes

Height: 1 foot

Flower color: pinkish to reddish purple

Bloomtime: summer

Exposure: Sun or Shade

Habitat: Chaparral

Drought Tolerant: yes

Irrigation: low water needs

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Coyote Mint is a perennial herb that forms a small bush or matted tangle of hairy mint-scented leaves. The fragrance is one of the best features of this plant. It grows in chaparral, coastal sage scrub, and various forest/woodland habitats.

Coyote mint is a good source of both pollen and nectar for native bees and bumblebees. It is also a nectar source for hummingbirds and butterflies. Butterflies seen on coyote mint include monarch, chalcedon checkerspot, ruddy copper, rural skipper, pale swallowtail and Western tiger swallowtail.


This plant is used by the Indigenous peoples of California as a remedy for stomach upset, respiratory conditions, and sore throat. It may also be steeped into a bitter mint tea. It smells like a minty toothpaste.

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