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Our Mission

Once Upon a Watershed seeks to awaken wonder, appreciation, discovery and connection with the natural world
Through hands-on, standards-based watershed education, restoration, and stewardship experiences, our programs cultivate a sense of shared responsibility for our whole earth system, instilling confidence and hope by empowering young people to make a real difference at the local watershed scale.

Our Programs

Once Upon a Watershed provides hands-on local watershed education, restoration and stewardship experience for Kindergarten, 4th, 5th and 6th grade students in the Ventura River Watershed.

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Once Upon A Watershed


The Story of Our Oaks


The Story of Our Estuary


The Story of Our River

Once Upon a Watershed Story Book

An artful and educational book featuring the animals and plants of our watershed with original artwork by Ojai artist, Dianne Bennett

Our Programs are ONLINE!                            

Our Programs are ONLINE

You can now enjoy our programs from anywhere! We've taken our in-class presentations and field trips and created virtual content for greater access. Feel encouraged to use our program as part of your curriculum!
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